guest; and Tammy Stevens, activity assistant

Hortense Lawrence, a resident at Life Care Center of Copper Basin in Ducktown, Tennessee, knew she was turning 100, but she didn’t know that her community was going to throw her a party.


Associates successfully pulled off a surprise party for Lawrence on April 19, 2019, two days before her birthday. They presented her with a birthday cake in the dining room, as well as a birthday card book with 100 birthday wishes and a bouquet of scratch-off lottery tickets purchased by the staff.


Born on April 21, 1919, in New York, Lawrence lived in Queens or Long Island a large portion of her life. Her parents were impacted by the Great Depression, and she quit college to help them out.


Lawrence married her husband, Alfred, and had one daughter, Barbara. Alfred served in the U.S. Army during World War II, and when he came home in 1945, he decided he wanted to be a farmer. The family moved to upstate New York, and Lawrence remembers having 1,200 chickens!


Lawrence was savvy herself. Besides working for Good Year, she got involved in the stock market and served one investment club as president and another as treasurer.


When she was asked how she was able to live so long, Lawrence said, “I have good genes.”


Lawrence advised, “Don’t smoke, have an occasional drink, eat balanced meals and get some fresh air.”

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